Monday, December 1, 2008

TWIAR Gets Christmas Cards!

In recent years, several low power FM stations around the world have cleared our ham radio broadcast program, This Week in Amateur Radio International on their air.

This all started with our flagship low power FM station, WTND-LP in Macomb, Illinois. Since then, we have added others such as Robin Valley Community Radio in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our most recent addition, just sent us a QSL/Christmas Card and I thought I would share it with you here.

World FM is located in Tawa, New Zealand. Serving the cities of Tawa, Wellington, and Redwood. World FM is on 88.5 and on the internet at Happy Holidays World FM! We got your card! World FM carries both our broadcast and ham-radio programs.

If you operate a low power, or micro-power broadcast station and you carry This Week in Amateur Radio International, please let us know!

The Case for Minimalist Web Pages

Every once in a while, I will ask Bill, N2FNH if he has listened to the latest edition of This Week in Amateur Radio International. Although I work on the editing and mastering of the program each week, I only get to hear it on the air occassionally since my job has me at work each Sunday afternoon when the program plays on WBCQ.

Bill is usually my sounding board for how the program is progressing, and thoughts on how we can improve.

We were having a QSO together during afternoon drive on the local W2SZ repeater located at RPI in Troy. Bill was telling me that he was having problems downloading the program from our main page at and from this blog, with his portable wireless device, due to bloat. All that stuff on the right --->

For desktops and laptops, this is no problem. But there are those out there that take a minimalist approach to the internet. Bill uses a Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) for collecting podcasts, and web surfing on the road.

It was kind of funny, because at just about the same time, we both came up
with the idea of putting up a minimalist web page with just the TWIAR podcast links. I have been sitting on a second blogspot account for quite awhile now, so, I decided to do just that.

The TWIAR Labs has come up with just such a page. So now you can take your wireless device to a web page devoid of bloat and memory/time consuming html. Just the links to our International broadcast program (TWIARi) and the full version of the ham radio on the air service.

Hope this helps all those wireless device users out there. Visit the new page at

By the way, does anyone remember where kxkvi is from?