Monday, September 1, 2008

This Week in Amateur Radio International On WBCQ

As most of you know, our short wave service, This Week in Amateur Radio International, is broadcast each Sunday at 4pm eastern time, on WBCQ on their 7.415mHz transmitter. The station is located in Monticello, Maine.

<--- The map is WBCQ's 7.415mHz propagation projection.

Here is some information on the station: WBCQ broadcasts 50,000 watts on each of its four international shortwave transmitters on 5.110, 7.415, 9.330 and 15.420 MHz. Our broadcasts serve North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. WBCQ has been offering access to the airwaves since signing on the worldwide shortwave bands in 1998. WBCQ broadcasts a wide variety of content, including spiritual and religious programming, eclectic musical shows, and intriguing and entertaining live talk radio. WBCQ makes airtime available at really reasonable rates. If you are at all interested in radio, shortwave broadcasting, or just have something you would like to say on the air, give them a call. Visit them at

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